Do over.

I want a do over, 

I want a new life-

New friends,

New direction away from here.

I’m yearning for a soul

Understanding my search for a change,

My soul wants to be washed clean

Of the ills-

Deliver my heart and mind from

The dark…

Maybe I’m the loser-

Because it’s my way to care so deeply.


Wake Up

“Be honest,

This was your jewel,

The very center of your life ,

You’ve searched and searched for the purest form of your treasured prize.

We hear you,

We gave our minutes to support your cause,

Then it became too much…

Your fascination bled into the real world,

Morphing and changing with passing time,

A sick, sad monster.

I just wanna know…

Now that you got what you wanted,

Was it good enough?

The unrealized dreams kept you out of touch from the rest of us,

And some of us couldn’t bear to stick around until you’ve come to your senses.

Like them, you’ve lost me,

And I hope that somehow,

You would finally wake up.”


“Maybe daylight will come again,

Maybe it will shine on me after the situation that wiped out my very face,

Or maybe it will give me confidence again,

For I often feel like a loser.

I’ve made mountains my home,

I’ve found volcanoes as a sanctuary,

The valley is mine at the center of the bowl while I’ve been hiding.

Maybe I’ll find my way beyond the glass dome,

Maybe the war inside won’t stain those blue jeans,

From time to time, I know who I am…

Maybe I’ll have my day,

Maybe I’ll be the one.”


“Assisting to see the bigger picture,

Being the bigger umbrella when the faucet brings more rain then expected,

Solo in solidarity means death to some,

To others it’s a form of peace.

If standing alone makes one weird,

Then the biological clock can be capable of being defiant to certain set agendas.

Some are not cut out for committed alliances,

But prolonging it will make the world look at you as if you’re marked with misfortune.”

The Moment

“The moment when you think:

Is happiness meant for “now” or later?

Is the natural high better than being under the influence?

Will I be able to differentiate between love and obsession?

Postponed living or living in the moment?

And the interchangeable faces of this point will surface,

And ask,

“Are you willing to change, or are you afraid of letting go?”

Toughness/ Sensitivity

“Create the image,

Live your mantra and harden the shell,

Even the toughest man has a soft center.

No one is an island,

( Even when we want to be),

Sensitivity is at times looked at as the weak link,

Pushed somewhere so as to not be looked at,

Or even brought up.

Some people are not made for this world,

The heart is fragile,

Feelings are delicate,

The skin is like tissue paper,

Some of us who put up a strong front are probably more vulnerable than we care to Admit,

Perhaps because of not being able to process it (or even handle it),

To expose what’s under the shell is a brave act in itself,

For every tough cookie, there is a glass of milk that will soften it,

And a hard surface, a soft spot.”

Third Party in a Two-Way Romance

” I’m the figure,

I’m the friend,

I’m the third party.

In no way am I the third wheel,

But I am the go-between.

From listening ear to drinking buddy,

The history never left after being away for so long.

A romance has fallen,

What was once innocent was blinded by real world problems,

Only calling it an issue when it was really a war,

(Or calling it a club, when it was really a spade.)

What was there was bigger than them,

But after the final dance, they caught each other’s eye again.

I’m a small detail of their story,

Like the background music of the dance hall,

I come and go.

In the end, it goes without saying that getting out,

Growing apart,

Didn’t end the whole thing,

But frankness and facing the music brought back the light again.”